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Darwin destruction was wrong Editor, I have been a resident of Squamish for over 17 years and have seen several stupid acts take place that have tarnished Squamish's image to the outside world, but the destruction of Darwin's Bridge to my mind takes


It's said that you shouldn't mess around with people who buy ink by the barrel. But by the same token, we who dole out the ink really ought to avoid getting it all over ourselves too.

CYNICAL SUNSHINE: I vote for no badness

So, the names are in the hat and that hat is being tossed in the ring.

QUANTUM SHIFT: Downtown is everybody's business

Forty years from now, a young lad sitting on his granddad's knee will ask, "Hey grandpa, what did you do during the great Squamish Business Improvement Area debacle?" The BIA is beginning to sound more like a soon-to-be defunct airline than the pathw

Letters to the editor

Free flow of information needed Editor, Clearly the last election has shown that the voters are not happy with the speed and sometimes direction of the changes that are taking place in our community.

PUBLISHER'S PREROGATIVE: A vocal non-minority

When is 50 per cent a minority? Ask the merchants in Squamish's downtown who don't want to be part of a Business Improvement Area (BIA).

CYNICAL SUNSHINE: Anyone got change for a 30?

It was a great day - sunny but not too hot; the kind of day that lends itself nicely to pursuits of leisure and afternoon walks by the river. The evening sun was thinking about climbing the Chief and the bright clouds set a dramatic scene.

QUANTUM SHIFT: Mood headlights - the wave of the future?

When George Orwell wrote and penned the now famous words, "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others," he likely didn't have local driving habits in mind.

This land is your land

I bet you didn't even know that you owned oceanfront property on Howe Sound, but you do. The Nexen Lands belong to the District of Squamish, and the District of Squamish is you and me. Now, I have to admit, I've been kind of negligent with my land.

Letters to the editor

On attack over Ashlu Editor, Sudden and dramatic action by the provincial government is resulting in tremendous displeasure being expressed to the provincial government from the municipal level.