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The four secrets of longevity

They've done it: discovered the secret to living a long life! Actually, it's less of a discovery than an affirmation.

Sign misnomer

Editor, One wonders who were the bright lights behind the "Squamish Commercial Area" signs on the Sea to Sky Highway.

Warning: reporter's notebook below

When I drive down Highway 99 I can't help but start humming that song from the 1970s. You know, the one that goes "sign, sign, everywhere a sign, blocking out the scenery breaking my mind.

Editorial: Who gets to vote?

If there's one thing that can be said about Premier Gordon Campbell, he sure can make a room sit up and take notice.

A gluten free Thanksgiving

One of the fastest rising dietary issues today is gluten allergies and gluten sensitivities.

A plea to Squamish Nation

Editor, Squamish Nation: Please do not proceed with your billboards. There is enough dissension in our community with the casino and now the billboards. I urge everyone to boycott any business that advertises on it. Joanne Mason Squamish

The darker side of technology

I've always been a fan of technology because in my mind all those wonderful gizmos, gadgets and computer-thing-a-ma-jigs are not only great advances for our society but also examples of how human intelligence has grown and evolved over the years.

Clean it up

Editor, Over the past three weeks I have been staying in your beautiful town visiting from rural Ontario. My daughters and their partners have lived in Squamish for the last few years.

Investing early in human resources

Early investment in our human resources pays off economically and socially - we should do more of it.

Squamish's future still rests on recreation

As the official mountain biking season winds to a close (SORCA's final riding event of the season, The Loonar Enduro, is scheduled for Oct. 24), it's worthwhile reflecting on how far mountain biking has come in this community.
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