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Letters to the editor

Petty crime Editor, A $4,000 mountain bike is stolen from right in front of a Squamish business. Thousands of dollars of climbing equipment are stolen from a vehicle parked in Squamish.

Police brutality - in reverse?

Police never seem to get a really fair shake in the community.

What a difference a day makes

Ahh, Spring. Or should I say Ahhh-cho. The season of sun is here and I can't hear many complaints as those rays are released. This is the best season as the sun is a friend giving much needed relief from the chill.

Bringing downtown together is good

A downtown Business Improvement Area (BIA) proposal is up for debate, and in true Squamish style, it's being debated with vehemence and conviction.

We're number one

About 99 per cent of the time, being put at the top of the list is a cause for celebration.

Letters to the editor

What do rehab house NIMBYS oppose? Editor, What exactly are Brackendale citizens opposing in regards to the recovery support house intended for a former Brackendale bed and breakfast on Depot Road at Hwy 99? This will be a well-maintained, drug and a

Letters to the editor

Speak out on flawed exams Editor, As I read Paul Demers article "When the Test Fails" (The Chief, Feb. 24/06) I got a familiar yet very sick feeling in my stomach. We have children in grades 9 and 11.

Is this the best we can do?

"One day the bottom will drop out."-B.Marley Some things simply aren't discussed.

Fear a factor in rehab house spat

The plan to open an addiction recovery support house in Brackendale has given light to a lot of different emotions among residents this past week. The vocal majority are incensed and dead-set against the recovery house being put in their "backyards".

Failure to communicate

This week the Chief reported that Brackendale residents are again up in arms about a project in their neighbourhood.