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My Sunday sanctum naturum

My mother has never really gotten over the fact that I no longer attend church.

The election issue ofthe year

Every time I read or hear about Garibaldi at Squamish (GAS), I'm reminded of the Monty Python "Black Knight" skit from The Holy Grail.

Weren't we here before?

Memory is a funny thing. Certainly not ha-ha funny, more like, if a fire burns down your house and all that remains is what was in the garbage bin. That sort of funny.

Generous ladies get coddled for cash

Women craving a scandalous night of pampering don't have to wait for the next bachelorette party to let their hair down. Coming off a one year hiatus, the popular ladies-only fundraiser Men of Sea to Sky is back.

Justice Denied

A disturbing RCMP report this week highlights a growing problem with violence and out-of-control behaviour among a certain faction of residents.

Slow ride.... take it easy

Last Friday, I experienced an epic ride. The route was one I've travelled for years, but this time it was different. This time, when I rode from Valleycliffe to the Highlands, there were over 200 people with me for Squamish's first Slow Ride.

Beware the grifter

A recent problem with allegedly shady driveway pavers in town has highlighted a symptom of Squamish's construction boom - grifters could easily discover that the area is ripe for the picking. Ads for workers in Squamish and throughout B.C.

Failure to communicate

How can residents feel confident their interests are being represented if the people they've elected to do just that are left in the dark? There appears to be some troubling communications gaps in the District of Squamish, which is undermining the wa

Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets

Recently, many have been asking just why a slot barn is being proposed for the entrance of Squamish. Good question.

Confronting the cops

"Why don't you cops spend more time catching the real criminals and less time looking for speeders?"Most people who have ever been pulled over by the RCMP for a traffic violation have probably thought something like that - and a brave few may even ha