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Conservative democracy inaction

That's it Steve, you're off my Xmas list. No, it wasn't his recent, budget cut attack on women, First Nations and the handicapped. The last straw was this summer at the World AIDS Forum in Toronto.


The Oceanfront forum season is off to a good start, with more than a hundred interested citizens attending the District-sponsored event at the Brew Pub on Tuesday (Sept. 26).

Public can have say on oil spill

The time is ripe to have this two-week long Open House exhibit at the Adventure Centre on the Westwood Anette oil spill.

The Chief's View

It was heartening to see the birds take off. Six out of seven oil-soaked Canada Geese rescued were released in Brennan Park this week (the seventh had to be put down because it had a broken hip).

The future of Squamish Days

If you've been in town a while and attended the Squamish Days Parade last Sunday you may have noted a lack of logging trucks creeping down Cleveland from small, independent companies that used to common here.

Pouring oil on smooth waters

This week has been all about the cleaning up of the foul, stinking fuel oil that escaped from the two gashes in the Westwood Anette at Squamish Terminals last Friday. What it has not been about is why the accident happened in the first place.

Investment needed in rail crossings

A little over a week ago, the federal government opened its purse to hand out over $916,000 for 42 safety improvements to railway crossings around British Columbia.

Landlords don't make good cops

Without a doubt, marijuana grow ops and crystal meth labs are criminal operations that not only produce illegal drugs with a factory-like output, but also poison the buildings in which they are based through the use of dangerous chemicals.


Justice delayed is justice denied, it's often said - and in the case of Squamish, justice has been delayed for the past four years.

CYNICAL SUNSHINE: Wheely fuzzy math

It's funny, whenever anyone first hears about Squamish's prized mountain bike event, The Test of Metal, after the initial, "they bike for how long!?" comes the inevitable Test Math.