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Squamish is getting some serious GAS

Almost 10 years ago the community of Squamish was all but clamouring to get a simple ski hill.

Passing the buck

It seems no one wants to touch this one. Concerns continue to mount over the plan for transportation throughout the Sea to Sky Corridor during the Olympics, and calls for answers keep getting deflected.

'Please sir, we want some more'

Squamish's great expectations have given rise to hard times. Well it sounds like Squamish will play Oliver Twist to Minister of Transportation Kevin Falcon's Mr. Bumble.

Out of sight...

The Tyee reported this week that thanks to a challenge on the constitutionality of refusing individuals a place to sleep, the B.C.

On deaf ears

If one thing can be said for the blitz of proposed Independent Power Projects (IPP) hitting the Squamish area, it's that it has united a vast number of individuals, interest groups and local governments rarely found pulling in the same direction.

A step in the right direction

Tuesday certainly was a banner day for the town's vulnerable women and those endeavouring to help them.

Birth of a movement

This month saw the launch of a movement to bring midwifery to Squamish. New and expecting mothers are gathering supporters and appealing to Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) to highlight a desperate need for more options in birthing.

Reminiscing about the future

They're a staple of each and every community around the globe. More often then not they can be found perched at a watering hole with one elbow on the bar and the other hand conducting a memory symphony as if to help clarify the point they're making.

'Green' budgetting

What's the most overhyped, overused and therefore meaningless catchphrase of the decade? "Trans-fat free" might be in the running. "Low-carb" is so 2000. No, the word of the decade has got to be "green".

It's about time to take out the trash

Whether you're one of the recent Whistler or Vancouver transplants, or you're a Squamish lifer, we all have one thing in common: we're concerned about the direction Squamish is going.