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Two proud moments

What makes July 1 different from any other day? Like all holidays, it's what we put into it.In Squamish, we can be very proud Canadians.

Let's do this more often

There are literally millions of people who don't have it. They may have many things but they don't have the ever illusive and coveted sense of community.

Ruling women

Throughout this week's federal and provincial cabinet shuffles, and with our own town ramping up toward a municipal election, we've been hearing a lot about women in politics.

How I lost the Stanley Cup

I felt more than a little empathy for Sidney Crosby and the rest of the Pittsburgh Penguins last week when the members of the Detroit Red Wings hoisted Lord Stanley's Cup over their heads.

I'll take the Chamber for $100, Alex

I've been ranting about jackassary in this town for six years now, and I think it should be noted that I've never once said a bad thing about our Chamber of Commerce. I've even been a member for a number of years.

EDITORIAL: Essential in every way

In Canada, we pride ourselves on having universal health care, especially by comparison to our neighbours to the south.

Letters to the Editor

Editor,I would like to respond to the suggestion from Beverly Cochrane, a resident of Paradise Valley, that we gather up all the addicts and put them on an island (The Chief, May 23). In the same week the sale of Woodfibre was reported.

Adventure Centre a first-class operation

The trouble with the Adventure Centre is that we tend to forget it's there. It appears to have receded into the Smoke Bluffs landscape for a lot of locals who never set foot in the building.

My Sunday sanctum naturum

My mother has never really gotten over the fact that I no longer attend church.

The election issue ofthe year

Every time I read or hear about Garibaldi at Squamish (GAS), I'm reminded of the Monty Python "Black Knight" skit from The Holy Grail.