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VIEW FROM THE FENCE: Log book decision needed

There are two words like no other two words that make those taking the new direction shutter. Those two words are log books. To many Squamish New Directions supporters the log books represent all that was not right about the 1990s in Squamish.

CYNICAL SUNSHINE: Town for sale - vision not included

The remark is usually made when simply looking up. With 360 degrees of majestic alpine splendor on the Pacific Ocean, it doesn't take long for the Squamish fever to strike.

COUNCIL CORNER: Why council goes in camera

I read The Chief with interest last week. In the unsigned editorial it advanced the premise that meeting late at night is in conflict to our stated position of having open and transparent government. The issue was a motion that was made at 11 p.m.

EDITORIAL: An alternative?

Sickened by the Liberals' New Era for B.C.? Scared to go back to the NDP? Not feeling very Green? There might just be an alternative to eating your ballot on May 17, 2005.

EDITORIAL: Can't unring the bell in Business Park

Pick your metaphor: the bell has been rung. The genie has left the bottle. The horses have bolted. The Squamish Business Park is well on its way from its original purpose as an industrial park to essentially another retail centre along Hwy.

VIEW FROM THE FENCE: Thanks for everything, Tuna

The man most people know as Tuna got some well-deserved recognition this week. Mayor Ian Sutherland gave Laroy Watt a volunteer recognition award on Tuesday at council's regular meeting.

CYNICAL SUNSHINE: Eenie Meenie Minority Go

I went to bed with a smile on my face. In the morning I woke up with the sinking feeling it was all just a dream.

EDITORIAL: A win and a warning

The biggest reality TV show in Canadian history wrapped up Monday night - Survivor Ottawa: the federal election. Like every good reality show, it had people buzzing around the water cooler, dissecting who said what the night before.

EDITORIAL: This time it counts

For the first time in what seems like forever, your vote counts when you go to the polls on Monday (June 28).

VIEW FROM THE FENCE: This 'X' still up for grabs

This election, more than any federal election before it, is proving to be the most difficult for me. There's only three days left to figure out who gets my 'X' and I still don't know whose name my two pen strokes will go beside.