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Stealing a best friend

Bryan Raiser - Cynical Sunshine I'm a lover, not a fighter. When given the opportunity, I'd much rather talk a problem out rather than resort to violence.

Save the Powerhouse Plunge


Take the challenge; talk to your kids about drug use

Squamish has a problem - and the community looked it right in the eye this week. Two very personal accounts of the scary affects of crystal meth use were delivered on Monday (April 10) at a forum on drugs in our community.

The effects of transformation


Throw the bums in?

The issue: Provincial politics WE SAY: STV referendum might help us break our 'vote them out' cycle Imagine if elections were about who actually had the best vision, not who needed to be punished for the past and who would be rewarded by default.

Disappointed and departing


Cynical Sunshine

The other day I was fortunate enough to embark on our first family trail maintenance day. I figure three months old is a perfect age to learn how to rake berms and build bridges.

Letters to the Editor


More letters


What's left to plan?

The issue: Official Community Plan review WE SAY: Public should have more of a say in our future vision Squamish council deserves congratulations for putting a halt to the proposed rezoning of Angelo's Trailer Park at its meeting Tuesday.
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