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Letters to the editor

Trails were government-approved: SORCA Editor, I wish to set the record straight with regards to the following statement by Jerry Kenna of B.C.

(Looking for) truth in adventurizing

Well Squamish, the future is coming fast and it's time to once and for all decide what we would like to be when we get older (acknowledging that we'll never grow up).

In the name of freedom

Is having a right the same as having a choice? I have a right to vote, but do I have a right not to vote? I'm always astounded at how many answer 'No' to this question. Those are the same people who claim to be freedom-loving fighters of democracy.

Letters to the editor

Don't pillage the Plunge Editor, I really don't want the Plunge to be logged because it is my favourite trail and my sister and my parents like it too.

Martin's parting gift

Blair Wilson got only part of his wish Monday night. The telegenic young Liberal, who came within striking distance of winning West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country two years ago, finally took the riding over Conservative John Weston.

A minority opinion

I have one wish for the Canadian electorate: that we never again have a majority parliament - and Monday's election was a good start.

Freaking federal follies

My hat's off to Steven Harper and his Conservative party. I can't believe how effective they've been in muzzling their entire party. Not once has a Conservative candidate slipped into saying what they actually think, believe or plan to do.

Who to vote for

With just three days to go before all good Canadians go off to the polls to choose who will helm the country for the next little while, it's time to weigh in on the past couple of months of campaigning and who is the best candidate, both locally and

Letters to the editor

Councillor gives reasons for policy switch Editor, Re: "Forget policy", Editor's Notebook, Jan.

Trails and tribulations

Four hours and nineteen minutes. That's how long it took the Test of Metal to sell out this year. Less time, as race director Cliff Miller points out, than most people take to complete the race.
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