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Local News

Pickets possible at SGH

Unionized workers in the health sector served strike notice Thursday (April 22).

One lucky kid

Shane Bennett didn't have a very good Easter weekend despite that fact that got to ride in a helicopter and a speeding ambulance.

Learning through heart and mind

"It is time for the elders to listen to the child's voice.

Tug strike threatens Woodfibre operations

The last thing Woodfibre needs is a work stoppage, but the local pulp mill is facing that possibility due to the tugboat and barge operator strike on the B.C. coast. Dave Ingram, the Western Pulp Partnership Ltd.

Mashiter bridge construction under way

With a blue sky above, wet ground below and fresh air all around an quick yet important ceremony was held at the top of The Boulevard Tuesday (April 20).

Second annual Songbird Festival takes flight

It's that time of year again, folks - songbird time.

Streamkeepers need help planting Estuary

Planting season has started in Squamish. If you haven't done any yet this year, why not lend a hand to the Squamish Streamkeepers community plant this Saturday? The streamkeepers are meeting on Saturday (April 17) at 11 a.m.

Mayor supports transit gas tax

Mayor Ian Sutherland wants some of the money he says the major gas companies are squeezing out of Squamish drivers to put towards funding a bus service between Squamish and Whistler.

Taking out the E-Trash

Don't know what to do with that old 1970s computer monitor gathering dust and taking up space in your basement? How about that old cell phone that doesn't have the fancy picture-taking capabilities that your new one does? If you can't find someone wh

Hwy. 99 tunnel debate hits home

Squamish is feeling neglected when it comes to the Sea to Sky Highway Improvement Project. The highway improvement issue that is getting the most attention is the alignment of the route through West Vancouver.