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EDITORIAL: The proper way to use power

We never thought we'd live to see the day when John Reynolds and Sheila Copps would be on the same side - and over an issue that comes from Squamish, no less.

EDITORIAL: Black and blue budget

Big deal. Those two words seem to sum up the overall reaction of voters to the news this week that the B.C. Liberals have finally balanced the books.

VIEW FROM THE FENCE: A room with a bitter view

Squamish is currently going through a classic case illustrating how government can really mess with the lives of some people. The dispute over Dave and Tamara Maxim's cabin is the case in point.

EDITORIAL: Downloaded

The strangest thing has happened in Canadian politics: the federal government is actually taking money from its own pocket and giving it to a lower level of government.

CYNICAL SUNSHINE: Crime pays (for school)

As the cold, hard cash slid across the counter, that spirit-crushing weight finally slipped off my back. I was making my final student loan payment and boy-howdy, it felt good.

VIEW FROM THE FENCE: Add, subtract, multiply and divide Hwy. 99

We were reminded in a harsh way this week how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away. In the aftermath of too many deaths in too few days on Hwy.

EDITORIAL: Time to mourn

Sometimes the hardest part of a tragedy such as the one that gripped Squamish this past week is to simply let it be a tragedy. Looking for answers and remedies is a part of the grieving process.

CYNICAL SUNSHINE: The developers are coming...

Shhhdo you hear that? If you listen closely, you can actually hear the calm packing up its things as the storm impatiently taps its foot just waiting to pounce on our neighbourhood. Already the writing is on the wall - or the highway, rather.

EDITORIAL: Welcome back, Ted

Coming soon to your town: a vaguely familiar face.

VIEW FROM THE FENCE: Resort proposal lives another day

An interesting thing happened on Dec. 23.