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Back in black, a tale of berry booty

"Oh, blackberry tart, with berries as big as your thumb, purple and black, and thick with juice, and a crust to endear them that will go to cream in your mouth, and both passing down with such a taste that will make you close your eyes and wish you m

Anyone for a game of memory?

I don't know why I don't play board games anymore. I simply can't remember the last time I pulled out the Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly or Scrabble board. There was a time when the board game was one of the pillars of our social life.

Get familiar with new bear bylaw

The primary goal of the Bear Smart program is to reduce the rate and intensity of human/bear conflicts, which in turn, increases public safety and reduces both property damage and the number of bears needlessly killed.

Hitting the poverty line

British Columbia's poor might soon have a tougher time getting free legal aid for their day-to-day struggles. Public Eye has exclusively learned the province's legal services society may have to shutdown its poverty law programs next year.

What crashed Twitter and Facebook?

Events this past week left me wondering if maybe we haven't gotten just a little too attached to technological conveniences for our own good. On Thursday Aug.

Dear Squamish

Editor, A letter to Squamish: You have been my home for the last four years. In that time I have enjoyed your beauty, swam in your lakes, hiked your trails, and fueled your economy. It was with sadness that I am moving away this week.

Coping with bullying

This letter was sent to the Sea to Sky school board and copied to The Chief for publication.

Shameful display

Editor, I was having breakfast at the Brew Pub and whilst leaving noticed the deplorable condition of the Squamish, B.C. and Canadian flags flying over the Westmana Development advertising display.

A lifetime of outstanding achievement

In 1948, two newlyweds moved to Squamish, a rugged coastal community with only boat access. He was from Saskatchewan and had just finished his internship in medicine after graduating from the University of Toronto.

A prayer is answered

A memory drags me to itself. It's of me and my friend trekking years ago in the Shivalik range of mountains in Himachal Pradesh, a province of India nestled in the western Himalayas. A dense forest of cedar trees girdles us.
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