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Editor, Much has been said in the Axeman debate recently. As most of us can acknowledge, a good healthy, spirited debate rarely disappoints and often produces a consensus that is in the best interests of the majority.

Does gambling heaven or hell await us?

Chances Gaming Centre: Doorway to heaven, or gateway to hell? Any day now some enterprising teacher will assign that essay question to an unsuspecting class.

Editorial: One wild mess

Editorial: This week saw a vicious attack on a local stable owner over his animal caretaking practices. The intention was well-meaning, however allegations were delivered with what can diplomatically be described as inflammatory language.

Sodium is a matter of public health

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a key risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and high sodium in the diet is the main way people increase their personal risk for hypertension.

Mega watt exhibit will cause light pollution

"Of course we care about reducing our energy consumption, but only if we can look good doing so. If not, then forget we ever mentioned energy consumption.

'Tis the season for Christmas craft fairs

The Community Christmas Care committee is hard at work each week in planning for the distribution of hampers and toys for needy families and individuals in December.

Gaming no longer for geeks

This past week, circumstances led me to check in the mirror to see if my appearance had suddenly changed, and perhaps I was cooler looking or somehow more attractive. Maybe I had better hair, I don't know.

Town hall lacks zing

Let's face it folks, for the average Squamish resident cobbling together the muni budget is about as exciting as judging a toenail growing contest.

Why you may be so sleepy

When asked about their sleeping habits, many people will answer "I can't remember the last time I had a really good sleep." They are probably the ones with obstructive sleep apnea. (Yes, they may also be new parents, but that's for another time.

Liberal executive candidate calls Harper 'd-bag'

A candidate running to be a senior federal Liberal party official in British Columbia has called Stephen Harper a "d-bag" in a posting on his publicly-accessible Facebook page.
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