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Strongly opposed to GAS

This letter was sent to Graeme McLaren, project assessment director of the EAO, and copied to The Chief. I'm writing to convey my strong opposition to the Garibaldi at Squamish development proposal.

Transit, not chuckwagons

The expression "to beat a dead horse," as many are aware, means to waste time on something that has already been attempted - a definition I feel should nonetheless be clarified given recent occurrences at this year's Calgary Stampede whereby two race

GAS decision should go the people in referendum

Is the Garibaldi at Squamish development doomed, like all of its ill-fated Brohm Ridge predecessors? On paper the "Save Garibaldi" forces appear to have turned the tide.

OCP not ready

I was correctly quoted in The Chief ['s Town Hall meeting report] 3 weeks ago, suggesting Council should prioritize completing the OCP Review.

Shame, shame

I would like to start out by saying shame, shame, shame on the career protesters that are trying to kill the proposed ski resort up behind Squamish.

Delivering the facts

Regarding Helmut Manzl's line "knee-jerk rezoning to fast-track the construction of 55 high density condos" ("Developers make nice, then make bizarre,' The Chief, July 10).

Many reasons to reject GAS

A longer version of this letter was sent to B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and MLA Joan McIntyre and copied to The Chief. This email is to register my objection to the proposed development - Garibaldi at Squamish (GAS).

GAS will lean on Squamish

Recently Mayor Gardner said "I do not understand the concept," end of quote. He was talking about the proposed ski hill and real estate scheme at Cat Lake and Brohm Ridge. I did not understand the concept either.

Read my lips

This letter was addressed to GAS CEO Mike Esler and copied to The Chief for publication. Mike Esler and team, My wife and I own a business and are also real estate investors.

When you can't get no customer satisfaction

When I was about 18, I got a job at a gas station in Vancouver. During my training, such as it was, my boss said: "Remember that the customer is always wrong, but you can't let them know it.
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