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Rave rift

You got to hand it to the people behind Summer Break Music Festival 8 - they sure know how to promote an event. A website, a contracted ticket seller, top names in electronic music, four stages, natural surroundings. It all sounds like a dream rave.

Divide and conquer

Now that the kids are back at school it is starting to feel like fall. All the signs are here. The sign is up in Brackendale for the Fall Fair. The nights feel colder. Darkness arrives earlier.

Support shipbuilding industry

This letter was sent to Conservative MP John Weston and copied to The Chief for publication. Mr.

GAS the only option

This letter was sent to MLA Joan McIntyre and copied to The Chief for publication. Please accept this email as my request that you count my family and I as strong supporters of the proposed Garibaldi at Squamish resort.

No saving downtown

Editor, Re: "Saving Downtown" [The Chief, Aug. 14]. I might be late to the game here, but I just read your editorial on saving downtown. I think you guys mean well, but you miss the point.

Kindree vs. the King

Editor, It was with dismay that I read the Aug. 7 front page showing a picture of "Elvis" birling at Loggers Sports with the headline of Dr. Laverne Kindree being awarded the Order of Canada - the highest civilian award in our country.

Cuts are intolerable

Editor, Have you had enough yet? I have! I am writing to voice my extreme frustration with the BC Liberal government. Cuts everywhere. Cuts to addiction services. Cuts to libraries. Cuts to sports programs affecting thousands of B.C. kids.

Welcoming wedding showers

Although it rained on my wedding day I didn't find it the slightest bit ironic. Sorry Alanis, it was actually quite nice. The nerve-racking moments leading up to the big day - Aug. 10, 2009 - were what I imagine the apocalypse might be like.

The beginning of another great year in Squamish

September is my favourite month, and not just because of the warm late summer weather and crisp evenings. For me September signals the start of a new year, more so than January.

At least I don't Twitter

I'm not always proud of the things that I do. Too often I get smug and sanctimonious about things, and then have to backtrack and rationalize when I find myself, well, being hypocritical. Technology, it seems tops the list.
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