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Consulted and insulted

It goes without saying that public consultation is a good thing. This week in The Chief we have two excellent examples of the extreme lengths organizations can take on public input.

Strengthen your family

Editor, The Strengthening Families program for parents and youth 10 to 14 is a parent, youth, and family skills-building program that has been designed to prevent teen substance abuse and other behaviour problems, strengthen parenting skills, improve

Quirky name, wonderful wine

It is not very often that a white wine grabs my attention like the one I served for dinner last evening. We had big beautiful prawns marinated in garlic, sea salt, chilies and lime juice and then pan fried in olive oil with rice and mixed greens.

What's in a name?

Editor, Does the name Squamish mean: A. The village of orange pylons, B. the place of many small piles of soil, sand, crush and rubble, and broken asphalt, left to erode, C. the valley of winds, D. all of the above? Dave Duddy Garibaldi Estates

More businesses encouraged to join BIA

I hope everyone had a fabulous and safe summer, and now that the kids are back to school and us parents back to work and hopefully well rested, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about and encourage you to get involved in a couple of areas in

Is Oceanfront a pie-in-the-sky idea?

The latest version of the Squamish Oceanfront Development Corporation's game plan is now available for review.

Fuzzy on GAS

Editor, The article by Helmut Manzl detailing old and recent housing bubbles, and development "manipulating," is interesting vis-a-vis the headline story on GAS ["Squamish's 100 years of development snafus," "Council divided over GAS," The Chief, Sep

What's your downtown vision?

This letter was sent to District of Squamish council and forwarded to The Chief for publication. Mayor and council, I would like to know your vision of where the downtown is heading.

Quibbles and kudos

This letter was sent to the District of Squamish council and copied to The Chief for publication.

Council runs amok

Before we begin, here's a reminder: our current District of Squamish council members were elected on the platform of improving district governance and transparency.
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