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Exciting times ahead - or are they?

As the municipal election approaches, Squamish New Directions (SND) report that they have triggered more business activity than a hummingbird on caffeine and "exciting times" lie ahead. Downtown the mood is considerably more subdued.

New columnists welcomed

You likely noticed something new last week on this page and astute readers will see there's another surprise on the opinion page today. We introduced you to Helmut Manzl's new column called Quantum Shift.

Essential is as essential does

I hope that the irony isn't lost on anyone: The Liberal government, by making teachers an essential service and legislating an end to negotiations, has managed to force a crisis that has kept schools closed for at least nine days.

Strike is for future


Sad to see it happen here

Pop quiz: You're driving down Government Road, it's pouring rain and by the side on the muddy, gravel embankment you spot four figures ankle-deep in water huddled around a car.

New columnist concentrating on road ahead

Helmut Manzl - Special to The Chief It is truly a privilege to join an award winning team at The Chief, whose insightful work has been applauded both provincially and nationally. To be effective, this column should hold up a mirror to the community.

Columnist stepping off the sidelines

"Elections are decided by the non-voters" -A.Wiseman We all tell ourselves things to make us feel better. Not so much lies, as grey area mantras that while we know may not be true, life is easier leaving them unchallenged.

Safer driving habits

With the slippery rainy season upon us, and the even more slippery, winter season just ahead, I've found myself watching the driving habits of others in the community and cringing.

Left out in the cold

My horoscope was right; it's been a frustrating month for communication. But I don't blame the stars, I blame the telecommunications monopoly on pay phones. You see, for reasons too long - and dull - to list, I have no cell phone.

Rumours rampant

The week ahead marks Mental Illness Awareness Week and Breastfeeding Week so I'm declaring a new issue we can celebrate with its own special week. As of today, Sept. 19 to 26 is declared Rampant Rumour Week.
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